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Gifts of men featuring President Obama

Best Gifts For Men

Gifts of men featuring President Obama

janeb13 / Pixabay

When birthdays, holidays, baby showers, wedding showers, and all types of events prop up in life, you need to find a gift. For me it is one of the most difficult things because I become lost. Lost in what could anybody want that hasn’t been seen, bought before. Then the internet surprises me, I buy it, and it makes someone’s day. I wanted to share some things that I found to be great sources to find gifts for men, (I’m sure you can find gifts for women there as well!). By the way none of the links below are referral or marketing links so this is free advertising for the companies mentioned below. Continue reading

Htpasswd Password Protect your Website using NGINX 1.11.4

HTTP Authentication using htpasswd and nginx

HTTP Authentication using htpasswd and nginx

When you use NGINX 1.11.4 and you want to protect your website or a directory within your website, try the following simple code to get you going. Initially I had some trouble setting it up myself and believe this article be a great help for all. Continue reading

Schedule your next email for Gmail & Boomerang Review

schedule your email for a later time

schedule your email for a later time, source:

Scheduling emails to be sent at specific times can be tough. Especially if you’re not at the desktop when you need to send the email and since a function isn’t built into Gmail itself.

Frankly when something so popularly desired isn’t available, you can expect someone to make a plugin, or an addon for Gmail.  Email providers by default should have the ability to schedule email, but sadly don’t which is quite odd. It can be added using a 3rd party as shown below.

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How to get unbanned from StumbleUpon

Stumbleupon logo
What it is

Stumbleupon, is a great service. It is one of a kind and probably the only portal service that allows you to visit the vastness of the web and find the jewels and interesting sites across the world. When the service first started, I remember joining it and I was in middleschool. It was probably the most fun way to use my time after school. It was beginning to replace my Channel 11 WB after-school-watching ritual. I used it after homework to browse the deep web at night. Continue reading

Fun things to do in Switzerland

The mountains of Switzerland

The mountains of Switzerland

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things. nd And you can add, “places in switzerland”. Switzerland is a beautiful country that has featured in many movies like the Sound of Music where the scenic picturesque places are the stuff of dreams. You’ve to stop and ask yourself if you are in heaven or if it is just a part of your imagination.

Villa Honegg, Switzerland

For example here are some places and things to do in Switzerland that I found very interesting. In Villa Honegg there is a beautiful hotel perched among the mountains. The hotel and the mountains seemed to not only give hint of luxury but a place of rest and get away. No more having to worry about running away on an expensive trip. Where as in maldives or tahiti, there are beaches with high price tag, this place is quieter, beautiful and werll worth the price tag. It doesn’t have beaches and it doesn’t need them. It is the place for relaxation regardless of the weather, get aways and a place captured in beauty. Here is a video below from a hotel in Villa Honegg.

When you watch the video below, it is interesting to note the view. It is so relaxing, the view looks cozy, but you’re on top of a mountain. A hot bath in the mountains. I’ve heard of pools near the ocean (in South America though) but the secluded exotic aspect of Switzerland adds a nice spin to it. In contrast to the hot blistering heat the mountains provide a cool other place don’t. Who would have thought that amongst the modernity of europe layed a quiet retreat?

The site here:

Went viral here:

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Monetizing on Viral Apps – For Businesses 

So you run a brick and mortar business and stand on the sidelines as the web market explodes. Advertisers are the rage and the websites with huge traffic stand to make a killing. But the storefront once the center of commerce now sits quietly. How can it get in on a piece of the pie? Continue reading

The Best Backpacks, Travel bags and Vacation bags

You go on vacation and the anxiety begins. Which luggage, which backpack, and what carry-on.

Which one becomes the carry-on, is it that old bag? Well say no more! I was comparing backpacks on the web and two caught attention. The Everyday Backpack by Peak Design and JOEY by Koala Gear. You can see a video of both below (if they don’t load automatically, visit the respective kickstarter pages), in addition I look at several of my other favorite bags. All these bags are top quality products emerging from Kickstarter or Indiegogo and have my vote.

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