Eat free food in Houston using UberEATS

If you’re in Houston and looking to grab some free grub, here’s how. Sign up for UberEats and use the coupon FreebieEATS and order the $5.00 Shredded Chicken in Sesame Sauce from Red Pepper Chinese Restaurant. It comes out to $9.40 and with the $10 coupon it’ll be free.

So there it’s a medium size tray of food of shredded chicken pieces in peanut sauce and thai radishes.

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Monetizing on Viral Apps – For Businesses 

So you run a brick and mortar business and stand on the sidelines as the web market explodes. Advertisers are the rage and the websites with huge traffic stand to make a killing. But the storefront once the center of commerce now sits quietly. How can it get in on a piece of the pie? Continue reading

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The Best Backpacks, Travel bags and Vacation bags

You go on vacation and the anxiety begins. Which luggage, which backpack, and what carry-on. Which one becomes the carry-on, is it that old bag? Well say no more! I was comparing backpacks on the web and two caught attention. The Everyday Backpack by Peak Design and JOEY by Koala Gear. You can see a video of both below (if they don’t load automatically, visit the respective kickstarter pages), in addition I look at several of my other favorite bags. All these bags are top quality products emerging from Kickstarter or Indiegogo and have my vote.

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Boblbee GTO 25L Backpack

New From:$278.99 – $349.95
Variations: (Color):
RedNew from $278.99 USD

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